Frequently Asked Questions about WIKE Child Trailers

What age or size of children can Wike Bicycle Trailers accommodate?

Our trailers are designed to accommodate a range of ages and sizes. While specific limits vary by model, our Premium Double and Double trailers can safely accommodate 1- 2 children, up to 100lbs total, and 4'4" tall. 

Are Wike Bicycle Trailers compatible with all types of bikes?

We design our trailers to be as universally compatible as possible. Most standard bicycles will easily connect with our trailers, ensuring a wide range of usability. Read more about attaching your hitch here. Our hitches are compatible with Burley trailers.

How do I attach a Wike Bicycle Trailer to my bike?

Attaching our trailers to your bike is straightforward. We provide a high-quality stainless steel tow bar as well as two steel hitches with each child or special needs trailer, designed for a secure and reliable connection to your bicycle. Read more about attaching your hitch here.


Can Wike Bicycle Trailers be converted for other uses?

Most models of our trailers, such as the Wike Premium Double and Large Special Needs include a stroller and jogging kit, allowing for versatile use beyond just cycling. Our trailers are designed to fit through wheelchair-accessible doorways. 

How do I maintain and clean a Wike Bicycle Trailer?

Maintaining and cleaning our trailers is simple. We recommend regular checks of the trailer’s metal components, ensuring moving parts are well-lubricated, and the stationary parts are secure. For fabric, spot clean with light detergent and water only. Allow to air-dry in the shade with the canopy open to ensure quick drying and prevent mold. Do not use bleach or heavy-duty cleaners. 

Do you have replacement arts or extra accessories?

We wholeheartedly believe in the right to repair, you'll find all sorts of replacement parts on our dedicated Replacement Parts Page - you'll also find extra bike hitches, trailer hitches, harnesses, and more there.

Can Wike Bicycle Trailers be folded or easily transported when not in use?

All of our trailers were designed for quick and easy storage. Your child trailers' wheels are easily removed and stored in the footwell of the trailer, and then the canopy fold on top of it, making for a quick and easy set up and tear down.

How do Wike Bicycle Trailers perform on different terrains?

Our trailers are designed for versatility across various terrains. Performance specifics can vary by model as well as weight allowances, but we ensure a smooth and stable ride in various conditions.

Are there any customer reviews or testimonials about Wike Bicycle Trailers?

You can find customer reviews and testimonials on Amazon, Trustpilot, and Google. 

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