6 Reasons you Need a Child Bike Trailer and Stroller Combo In Your Life - April 05, 2023



6 Reasons you Need a Child Bike Trailer and Stroller Combo In Your Life - April 05, 2023

An active family stops by the water with their family member sitting in a WIKE Large Special Needs bicycle trailer and stroller combo.
Family fun doesn't have to stop when you have a bike trailer and stroller!

We all want to find ways to spend quality time with our children while also encouraging them to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Well, at least we hope so if you're reading this article! On top of teaching good habits for lifelong health, it’s important to teach about the importance of protecting our natural world and respecting it. One way to accomplish all three goals quickly is by investing in a convertible bike trailer/stroller for kids. While these products are often thought of as being primarily for young children, they can also be a great choice for older kids, individuals with different abilities, and adults looking to stay mobile as they age. What's even better, child bike trailer and stroller combos don’t require gas, electricity, or batteries to run – they are human-powered, eco-friendly transportation at its finest.

In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of using a convertible bike trailer & stroller with older, taller kids. At WIKE, we know that around the age of 6 most children will outgrow the most popular brands of children’s bicycle trailer available on the market. Does this sound like your family? We hear it every single day from our customers, and we're here to confirm that the fun doesn’t have to stop once they outgrow their trailer or stroller! Keep reading to find out how a convertible bicycle trailer and stroller combination can not only fit into your lifestyle, but make your life easier for lots of different reasons, check it out:

1. Provides a Safe Mode of Transportation

One of the biggest benefits of using a convertible bike trailer/stroller with older kids is that it provides a safe mode of transportation. With the rise in traffic congestion and the increasing number of distracted drivers on the road, it can be difficult for parents to feel comfortable letting their children ride their bikes alone. However, by using a bike trailer as a stroller, parents can rest easy knowing that their child is safe and secure. Plus, the trailer/stroller can be attached directly to the bike, allowing parents to always keep a close eye on their child. Cars tend to give wider berths to cyclists with trailers as well, so this is an added perk. If you are still nervous about cycling on the road with your precious cargo, consider taking side streets and trails to make your trip more enjoyable and far less stressful.

2. Encourages Exercise

In today's world, it's all too easy for kids to spend their free time sitting in front of screens (not to mention us adults too). However, by using a convertible bike trailer stroller carriage, parents can encourage their children to get outside and get some exercise (even if they don't know it yet). Not only is biking and walking a fun and enjoyable outdoor activity, but it also provides a great workout for you. By using a convertible kid's bicycle trailer, you can help instill healthy habits in your kids that will last a lifetime. Whether it's a quick trip to the store, or a longer ride along the river, the kids will be outdoors, active, and participating in their natural environment - instead of wondering when they can get back to their Nintendo Switch.

3. Increases Family Time

In today's busy world, it can be difficult for families to find time to spend together. However, by using a convertible bike trailer and stroller, parents can create opportunities for quality family time, all the time. Biking together is a great way to bond with your child while also getting some exercise and fresh air. This is a great opportunity to teach your young family about the wonders of nature, as well as showing them more of the city they live in. Plus, the bike trailer/stroller can be used for other activities as well, such as trips to the park or running errands around town. Large bicycle trailer and stroller combos make great nap spots for the mid-day crash, without having to pack up and go home. They also come in extremely handy when the kids get cranky about walking or biking to school - simply scoop them up in the stroller and off you go.

4. Provides Versatility

Another benefit of using a convertible bike trailer/stroller with older kids is its versatility. These products are designed to convert from a bike trailer to a stroller (some even convert into a fixed-wheel jogging stroller!), allowing parents to use them in a variety of situations. For example, if you are going on a long bike ride, you can use the trailer to transport your child, and then convert it to a stroller when you reach your destination. This versatility makes convertible bike trailer/strollers a great investment for families who enjoy spending time outdoors and want to take more day trips. Imagine a March break or summer break full of cycling adventures - surely a summer that will create beautiful core memories.

5. Allows for Longer Trips

Using a bike trailer/stroller also allows parents to take longer trips with their children. When children get tired, they can simply hop in the trailer/stroller and rest while the parent continues to bike. This allows families to explore new areas and take longer rides without having to worry about their child becoming exhausted. Plus, the trailer stroller provides a comfortable and safe place for children to rest, ensuring that they are ready for more adventures when they wake up. Studies show that napping in fresh air has great mental and physical benefits too.

  • Quick example: We all know how unpredictable children can be - they didn't have to 'go' when they left the house, but now they can't hold it - what's a parent to do? You put the stroller wheel on your kid's bike trailer and simply wheel them into the nearest coffee shop or grocery store. It's that simple! Your afternoon has been saved from the woes of an emergency bathroom trip.

6. Saves Money

Finally, using a convertible bike trailer/stroller with older kids can help families save money. Instead of investing in separate strollers and bike seats, parents can purchase one product that serves both purposes. This doesn't even begin to cover the costs of driving to a destination, then paying for parking, and then renting a bicycle or stroller to walk around... that's a lot of money that is much better off in your pockets. This can be a significant cost savings, especially for families who enjoy spending time outdoors, are trying to cut costs, or just doing their part to help the environment.

Bonus Tip!

When your kids finally outgrow the trailer and start biking on their own, the kid's bike trailer and stroller makes the ultimate grocery-getter or cargo hauler. What's more, is the kids can help haul the stuff home! All those years of pulling and pushing them around with the trailer stroller will pay off in how good it feels to know your kids have made lifelong associations with their health, nature, and eco-friendly practices!

How to choose the right Bicycle Trailer/Stroller Combination for your Family

When it comes to choosing the right convertible bike trailer/stroller for your family, there are a few factors to consider. First and foremost, you want to make sure that the product is safe and durable. Look for a product that is certified by safety organizations and has been tested to meet safety standards. You also want to look for a product that is made with high-quality materials and is built to last through whatever you and your kids can throw at it!

Size/Weight Restrictions

Consider the size and weight of the bike trailer/stroller: will the kids outgrow it in a few years? Is it a bike stroller that can be re-purposed when the kids grow up? Can it carry two kids plus some snacks and a water bottle while staying within the weight limit? Think about what value you want to get out of the trailer and research products that fit the bill.

Make sure that the product you choose is compatible with your bike. You also want to make sure that the product is lightweight and easy to maneuver, especially if you plan on using it as a stroller. As a stroller, do you need it to fit through the back door of your house or mudroom? Do you have a garden gate that will prevent you from easily storing it? These are not deal-breakers, but it is good to take it into consideration before taking the purchasing plunge.

Jogger? Stroller? Both?

It's also important to consider the features of the bike trailer stroller. Look for a product that at least has: a comfortable seat, a five-point safety harness (or equivalent), a sturdy frame that can act as a roll cage in the event of an accident, and plenty of storage space for your child's belongings. Many bike trailer and stroller carrier combos available today are available with a stroller, jogger, ski, or beach attachment. These are often extras to add-on, so be sure you know what to expect when ordering. When adding extra parts, you also want to choose a trailer stroller combo that is easy to assemble and disassemble, as this can save you time and frustration right off the bat and get you on the road or trailers sooner and safer. Function and safety should always come first before fashion.

Where will you put it?

Finally, you want to consider the overall design of the bike trailer/stroller. Look for a product that is easy to fold and store, especially if you have limited storage space. Consider where you will put it during the wintertime (if applicable); bicycle trailers put in less-than-adequate places make great places for rodents and other household critters to set up camp. Check out the manufacturer's product line to see if they have carry bags or outdoor covers to protect your investment from sun, cold, rain, and snow for years to come.


Overall, using a convertible bike trailer/stroller with older kids can be a great choice for families who enjoy spending time outdoors and want to encourage their children to lead an active lifestyle. These products provide a safe and convenient mode of transportation, while also being virtually cost-free and eco-friendly. When choosing a convertible bike trailer/stroller, it's important to consider factors such as safety, size and weight, features, and overall design. By choosing the right product, you can ensure that your family has a fun and enjoyable biking experience for years to come.

In conclusion, using a convertible bike trailer/stroller with older kids provides numerous benefits for families. From encouraging exercise and providing a safe mode of transportation to increasing family time and providing versatility, these products are a great investment for any family who enjoys spending time outdoors, or looking to save money, or save the environment... the list can go on! The ability to take longer trips and save money makes convertible bike trailer stroller combos an even more attractive option.

So if you're looking to get outside, spend some quality time with the family, and teach the kids about eco-friendly fun and transportation, check out our line of child bike trailers to get the summer started off right. If you’re not sure, give our customer service team a call; we are always happy to help.

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