Bike Trailers / Cargo Bikes for Couriers and Other Businesses

Get the job done while enjoying the ride with a bike trailer or cargo bike! Read our expert guide to cargo bikes and bike trailers for business.

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Bike Trailers / Cargo Bikes for Couriers and Other Businesses


As much as we all love same-day delivery, we are increasingly becoming aware of how greenhouse gas emissions harm the environment.

If you're a delivery courier or a small business owner, switching from a car to a bike ‒ even if it's only for certain jobs ‒ is one of the most important things you can do to help the environment.

Bicycle trailers and cargo bikes can be used for everything from street vending to transporting tools to delivering food and packages around town.

We know it’s not realistic for everyone to swap their car for a bicycle, but for those interested in doing so (and making their work more efficient), you’ve come to the right place!

Here, we'll demonstrate how you can use a bike trailer or cargo bike to earn extra money, work a side gig, or even make a full-time income, including:

  1. Bringing landscaping equipment and tools to the job site
  2. Food and package delivery
  3. Selling goods as a street vendor

Quality bike trailers can be used for a wide range of businesses and services. Here are a few of our favourite bike and trailer duos to get the job done!

1. Bike Trailers for Landscapers

Braking Landscaping Trailer

Lanscaping trailer
Carries all your tools

If landscaping is your full-time gig, then tune in! Our Braking Landscaping Trailer is the perfect size for a small lawn care company.

This bike trailer model includes inertial drum brakes that let you haul up to 200 lbs of materials safely. The brakes on the trailer mirror the brakes on your bicycle so you can slow or brake both vehicles at the same time.

The sides and floor of the trailer are aluminum composite panels and durable high-density polyethylene, on which you can stick logos and advertising.

The Braking Landscaping Trailer has enough room for a standard lawn mower with dimensions of 26"x 43"x 24"h in the box frame. Just make sure you measure your lawn mower before ordering to make sure it will be the perfect fit.

For assembly assistance, check out our expert video guide to assembling a landscaping bike trailer.

Buddy Bike Trailer

Buddy bike trailer
Carries all your tools

Our Buddy Bike Trailer is another one of our cargo bike trailer models that can be used for landscaping. While it can't hold as much as the Braking Landscape Trailer, the Buddy Trailer can get small jobs done and carry the tools you need.

This model has a total carrying capacity of 100 lbs. The dimensions of the box frame are 22"x 31"x 12" high, with top quality 20” alloy wheels with stainless steel spokes and alloy hubs and rims. The wheels can be removed with ease and provide chrome plated push button axles that can fit inside and kept in storage.

This small trailer offers a classy and crisp new look for hauling cargo or minimal landscaping materials. Extra accessories are available for purchase such as a grey and orange rain cover to keep the cargo nice and dry!

2. Cargo Bikes for Couriers


Wike Frog Cargo Bike

Frog cargo bike
Converts instantly to walking

Food delivery services have jumped to a whole new level and become much easier with the Frog Courier cargo bike! This cargo bike model is the perfect size for those who are a part of the food and delivery industry.

Biking around the city with a giant backpack full of food or packages is dangerous and puts stress on your body over time. The Frog Courier allows you to carry more food delivery and courier orders without the weight on your back and stress of bad weather conditions due to the impact resistance waterproof canopy at the front of the bike. The canopy retracts quickly for easy delivery access from door to door. Being able to convert your bike to a stroller instantly and wheel it inside a building eliminates the issue of leaving your bike on the street. Everything is always with you.

The features of this model are endless and made specifically for urban couriers:

  • Instant Folding / Conversion to walking cart
  • 20"/51cm alloy rear wheels
  • Brakes - Drum or Disc
  • Front and rear fenders
  • Electric assist option

3. Bike Trailers for Street Vendors

Street Vending Bike Trailer

Street vending bike trailer
Move your vending location easily from place to place

Transport your small business anywhere with these new wheels! The Street Vending Bike Trailer has both a display compartment (21" x 40" x 4") and storage compartment (26"w x 20"h x 44"I) to allow for products to be displayed on top for show or stored underneath.

This trailer features durable white aluminum composite panel siding made of aluminum and stainless steel. The lid of the top display compartment doubles as a white board to list your menu or products, making it perfect to be used as a food cart or to sell small arts and craft type creations.

The Street Vending Bike Trailer is not waterproof due to the narrow openings located on the sides. With a lock, you can secure your storage space in the trailer to ensure no one is able to get inside. This model is available for customization to fit your small business needs!

For assembly assistance, check out our expert video guide to assembling a street vendor bike trailer.

Incorporate Active Transportation Into Your Profession

If you already use a bike for your day-to-day work, getting a cargo bike or a bike trailer will make your life infinitely easier. And if you don’t need a bike at work yet, introducing bike trailers to your business could spark new opportunities that you never had imagined!

By incorporating your passion for biking into your career, you enhance your quality of life and overall happiness because you are staying active and doing something you love every day.

Plus, consumers are becoming more eco-conscious, so bike trailers could open up new business opportunities for you.

If you’re interested in learning more about bike trailers for business, do not hesitate to reach out to us anytime. We’d love to help you find the best bike trailer for you.

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