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Towing Tee for Boat Trailer

Towing Tee for Boat Trailer

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Our heavy duty Towing Tee is ideal for pulling a canoe behind your bicycle, especially for longer journeys. It takes a little longer to hitch up your boat than the "Smart Stick", but provides better control and stability. The trailer will rotate around the flexible hitch at the seat post (the hitch will fit on seat posts from 1" to 1.5" (25mm - 38mm) in diameter) and the boat will stay straight behind the bike. A strap from the 'T' attaches to the seat in the canoe to pull the canoe. A second strap ties around and under the bow to keep the canoe stationary. A third line (you must provide) from the bow ties to the post of the 'T' to keep the front of the canoe from tilting up or down. Most boats have a bow line or handle at the bow, We do not provide a bow line as we assume you will use yours. This line is essential to the use of the Towing Tee.

This does not include the wheeled cart, but can be used with any portage cart..

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