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Wike Heavy Duty Boat Cart for Canoes

Wike Heavy Duty Boat Cart for Canoes

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This heavy duty boat cart is ideal for carrying a heavier canoe with this portage cart, especially for longer journeys. To use a bicycle trailer you will need to add an optional "Smart Stick" or "Towing Tee" which connects the front of your boat to the bicycle seat post with a flexible hitch.

The cart fits under your canoe and has padded supports. Our design is made of aluminum, with 20" spoked high quality alloy bicycle wheels which can easily be removed for storage. The cart can accommodate boats with a beam of 48". The heavy duty boat cart can also be used for a kayak or other small boats. The cart can carry a maximum of 100 lb behind a bicylcle or 150 lb. if pulled by hand.

Additional seat post hitches (fits on seat posts from 1" to 1.5" (25 mm - 38 mm) in diameter) are also available

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